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We provide a unique perspective on all that is African comics, Webtoon and Manga

Zebra Comics PLC is a team of independent creative minds whose mission is to tell Africa's untold story to the world.

The culture and content market has been and still dominated by the West. From blockbuster movies from Hollywood, passing through big budget TV shows, to books and comics, over 95% of the content we consume today comes from mainstream juggernaut players in North America, Europe and Asia. In all of this density, Africa is perpetually lost. Even though the mother continent presents itself as a real haven for untapped cultures, traditions, mythologies and stories which are suitable grounds for content creation and dissemination, the amount of international standard content from the continent is still very insignificant in the face of global players. Efforts are being made, but these efforts are still to bear fruit. This, coupled with the fact that there is a growing interest in content from Africa, has therefore pushed us to contribute our own stone to the edifice of African content. Our articles, news, reviews and comics aim to push African narrative farther into the market and thereby reserve a significant place for Africa as far as global content creation (comics, animation, Webtoon) is concerned.

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We aim to bring unique and authentic perspectives on African cultures to the world in highly entertaining ways. Our writers and creators are all African, and so we are confident that whatever we give out is authentic and true to our African roots.

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