DC and Zebra Comics Announce Collaboration on Joker: The World Anthology

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Anthology to Include an Original Story Featuring a Never-Before-Seen Version of the Clown Prince of Crime, Created by African Storytellers

DC and Zebra Comics Joker: The World: Black Therapy Cover

Zebra Comics PLC, a leader in African comic book publishing, announces a collaboration with DC, part of Warner Bros. Discovery and one of the world’s largest publishers of comics and graphic novels,  to co-create and develop a story for DC’s upcoming hardcover anthology Joker: The World.

Joker: The World is an anthology that brings together an international consortium of creators and publishers to explore diverse interpretations of the iconic DC Super-Villain.

Among the esteemed contributors to this anthology, Zebra Comics PLC has enlisted the team of writer Dr. Ejob Gaius and artist Bertrand Mbozo’o Zeh to create a unique story titled “Black Therapy.” Set against the rich backdrop of Cameroon, in the heart of Central Africa, “Black Therapy” marks a historic moment in comics: for the first time The Joker will be reimagined in an original story, tailored to a local audience, developed by an all-African creative team and placed within the vibrant tapestry of the African continent.

“This collaboration with DC represents a monumental leap forward for African representation in the global comic book industry,” stated Ejob Nathanael Ejob, CEO of

Zebra Comics PLC. “We are immensely proud to pioneer this endeavor, introducing a new and original version of The Joker to a worldwide audience, while showcasing the unparalleled talent and creativity of African storytellers.”

“Black Therapy” promises to deliver a gripping narrative that explores The Joker’s sinister machinations within the unique context of Cameroon, offering readers an exhilarating new perspective on the iconic character.

Joker: The World is slated for release on the Zebra Comics app and website on September 17, 2024, and at participating comic book shops, booksellers, and mass-market retailers/e-tailers in the United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Cameroon, Poland, and Argentina.

To preorder this iconic comic, visit the Zebra Comics app or website at

zebra-comics.com. Simply click preorder and you will be given firsthand access to Joker: The World once it’s released this September.

Further details will be communicated in the lead-up to the anthology’s September 17 release.

For more information about Zebra Comics PLC and its groundbreaking initiatives, please visit their website at zebra-comics.com, their Android and iOS apps, and their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube pages.

This collaboration between Zebra Comics PLC and DC heralds a new chapter in the annals of comic book history, showcasing the power of storytelling in transcending borders and igniting imaginations worldwide.

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Contact Information:

For Zebra Comics PLC:

Ejob Nathanael Ejob, CEO
Zebra Comics PLC
3rd Floor, PMUC Building,
Akwa, Douala, Cameroon


For DC:

Michael Shelling

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