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Comics, as you may certainly know, are a very popular form of entertainment. From superhero  to non-fiction, comics cover a variety of genres and they do so effectively because they tell stories through images. Most of the time, however, comics focus on genres like superhero, fantasy, science fiction, horror and slice of life. This leaves little space for other interesting categories that have as much entertainment and educational value as the aforementioned. One of these categories which is very important is Humor. Humor can be defined as the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. In other words, anything that is funny, can make people laugh and is present in literature or speech is humor.

In a previous article (add link to our first article on funny comics), we explored humor comics from the major markets (North America, Europe and Asia) and its benefits to readers. The article explores the different types of humorous comics from thee markets and gives some interesting examples that you can check out. This article, therefore, will focus on humorous comics from Africa. That said, it is worth noting that from across Africa, there are many talented cartoonists and illustrators creating humorous stories that will delight any reader. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the funniest comics from Africa and why they make great reading material.

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Funny African Comics have been around for quite a while. In their early days, they were first published in newspapers across Africa. Since then they’ve become increasingly popular with readers all over the continent who appreciate their humorous take on everyday life as well as their colorful art style. These comics are interspersed with a variety of genres including adventure, science fiction, fantasy and more – giving readers plenty of options to choose from no matter what type of story they’re looking for.

Funny comics are actually in great numbers on the African continent. Most of the stories in these comics are used to give comic relief and serve as satire to the difficult economic and social situations that usually plague African societies. At the same time, these comics serve as a uniting force, a converging point where African readers, most especially, can feel a sense of belonging to their dear continent through the characters portrayed in these comics.

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There exist several quality humorous comics from the mother continent that will keep you laughing as you go through their pages. Some great examples include; Djo’o Bar by Hughes Bertrand Biboum, Mebenga Essamba by Raimi Sewado, Laff Lafrikain by Gunther Moss, Hero Kekere by Comic Republic, SRS Academy from Brown Roof Studios, YAO VISA REFUSÉ by Didier Viodé, MOTO-TAXI À BÉCANE AU BÉNIN by Hodall Béo, LE RETOUR AU PAYS D’ALPHONSE MADIBA DIT DAUDET by Al’Mata and Edimo, VIVE LA CORRUPTION by Didier Viodé, LES EXPLORATEURS by Hertzy Vital Ole Tsimi, Zog Et Mob by Patrice Mballa Asse and TUMBU by E.N. Ejob.

These stories explore themes which range from family life, politics, poverty, corruption, love and politics to sexuality and mental health. More than any other genre, Humorous comics have a way of passing across messages about life’s realities such that they sink deep. And it is particularly interesting to see that there are a ton of humorous comics that emanate from the African continent. Maybe it is a sign that Africans need to laugh and rejoice more than walloping in the hardships that plague daily life.

Mebenga Essamba by Raimi Sewado Funny Comics on The Zebra Comics Blog
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