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Your privacy is important to us, at ZEBRA COMICS. This Privacy applies to personal information we collect through the ZEBRA COMICS App and/or the ZEBRA COMICS Website (hereafter, the “Services”).

Overview of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy informs you on the types of personal data collected and processed by our Services, how they are used or shared, and what your rights are when it comes to personal data management. The Policy also explains how we protect your data and provides links through which you can know more about our best practice. Please read on for more information on how we manage your data.

  1. Data Manager
  2. Data Collection
  3. How Collected Data Is Used
  4. Data-sharing Policy
  5. Personal Data Storage
  6. Personal Data Protection
  7. Contact-us
  8. Links To Third-party Websites
  9. Privacy Policy Updates
  10. Links To Third-party Websites

Data Manager

ZEBRA COMICS is responsible for processing personal data and sharing it, in its capacity as Manager of your personal data, to guarantee efficient user access to the Services, in accordance with applicable regulations.

To know more, please contact us through the following addresses:

  • Physical address: Immeuble PMUC La Rotonde, Akwa Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon
  • E-mail : contactzebracomics@gmail.com

Data Collection

Below are the types of data collected by Services, when accessed by the user:

Data provided by the user

To use our Services, you must provide personal data after reading and agreeing to the clauses of our privacy policy. Data required include:

  • Your contact details: To attend our events or to be aware of our promotional services, we need your name, telephone number, physical address, e-mail address, and any other requirement for the information sheet.
  • Account information: To create a subscriber account, you need to provide a username, your e-mail address, and a password. To complete your profile, a profile picture is sometimes required. When you log into your account on a new device, you may be requested to provide data such as a nickname or a profile picture.
  • Data for surveys: To take part in our surveys, especially those targeting improved user experience, you should provide your name, telephone number, gender, and any other information deemed pertinent to the proper handling of a survey, or to compile impressions.
  • Customer service information: For satisfactory assistance when you contact us, we shall request clear information from you through questions. They will help us meet your support needs efficiently. The data you choose to share with our Customer Service staff will be recorded by our systems.
  • Identifiers: Examples include unique personal identifiers including, but not limited to, (i) device identifiers, cookies, web tags, hidden pixels, (ii) mobile advertising identifiers and similar technologies, (iii) customer numbers, unique pseudo, or user alias, (iv) telephone number and other forms of persistent or probabilistic identifiers), online identifiers, Internet Protocol addresses, and/or other similar identifiers.

Data collected via cookies and similar technologies

We, as well as third parties, often use cookies, web beacons, pixels, and other tracking technologies (hereafter, “cookies”) to collect statistical data that help us improve your user experience in Services, save your preferences and provide customized offers. These cookies track your online activity across various devices and websites, over time. Most browsers automatically accept cookies and session identifiers, but you can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings or cookies settings. Please note, however, that disabling the cookies may limit some features in our Services.

Data from the use of Services

In addition to the data you provide, we collect data from your usage of our Services, especially through the software on your devices. Data collected include:

  • Data from the use of Services: your activity when logged into the Services, access times and dates and any other related information such as favourite genres, comments or likes, history of recent reads, subscriptions, and downloads;
  • Device and history data: this includes information about the device model, operating system version, IP address, URL, and the type of network to which the device is connected;
  • Information on payment methods: we do not collect or use any personal payment data (credit card, Mobile Money, or Orange Money account detail). This data is exclusively collected and processed by the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, Orange Money and MTN Mobile Money. The only information shared by Apple, Google, Orange Money and MTN Mobile Money is transaction and payment details (transaction number, purchase history). This information is only used to validate transactions by our systems.

Data collected via third-party analyses

We can collect personal data about your online activity and online connection history on third party websites, third-party devices, and other third-party features and services. We can also effect third-party analytics operations integrated in our Services. The data obtained may be directly collected and/or disclosed by these providers to other third parties who use them to assess use of Services or improve the Service management, for example.

How Collected Data is Used

Data collected may be used for the following purposes:

  • Identify and authenticate your identifiers;
  • Help or grant access to a functionality you have requested, specifically to give you support, or to answer to questions or other queries expressed through Services;
  • Perform surveys or analyses needed to improve Services;
  • Execute payment and billing procedures when a user requests a service that is not free;
  • Make customised content suggestions, such as those deduced from websites you accessed and tailored to your interests, hence accessible through the “Interests” tab;
  • Communicate through emails or notifications embedded in the Service (context notification, push notification), per your communication preferences;
  • Record and analyse your preferences, activities, and habits in our Services;
  • Deliver and secure Digital Content;
  • Secure information on our Services;
  • Secure, identify and prevent claims, fraud, and criminal activity;
  • Generate statistical data pertaining to the use of Services;
  • Guarantee and monitor the efficiency and availability of services, to improve the performance of the app and the website;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements, the fulfilment of our obligations (legal and fiscal), the preservation of relevant industry standards and our policies, especially this Privacy Policy;
  • Validate payment transactions and prevent fraud and abuse;
  • Provide answers to your requests and questions, and send you important notifications when necessary; and
  • Fulfil any other purpose described in any data collection procedure.

Data-sharing Policy

Where necessary, ZEBRA COMICS shares information as a co-manager of your personal data to provide the Services to you efficiently and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; Information collected by the Services is disclosed under the circumstances described below:

  • Data accessible to the public: Information that you have voluntarily recorded and made public, including your pseudo and/or your profile photo, can be seen by anyone, including those who do not have an account.
  • Service providers: Your data may be disclosed to ZEBRA COMICS’ partner service providers, including those involved in designing and operating Service systems, with customer contact centres, and activities related to Customer Service and Advertising (including customised advertising on our websites, from third parties, or online platforms). These partnerships help with customer satisfaction surveys, billing procedures or emailing. However, these service providers are bound by provisions preventing them from using the data collected for purposes other than those defined in agreements signed with us. As service providers in compliance with legal provisions, they may have access to your personal data, to provide the services and/or to comply with the obligations arising from the legal relationship between these third parties and us. They are bound by confidentiality and personal data protection agreements signed with us, in accordance with the data protection legislation in force.
  • Payment service providers: Payment and purchase information are collected and processed by payment service providers for the purposes of processing payments and preventing fraudulent actions.
  • Other parties as required by law or per security need: In cases of force majeure, your information will be disclosed to other parties should the following circumstances arise:
    • To comply with the law or comply with a mandatory legal process (such as a search warrant or court order);
    • To avoid or ensure compliance with the policies governing our Services;
    • To protect our rights, property, or safety, or, in accordance with data protection laws, one of our respective affiliates, business partners or customers.
  • Other parties with your consent or at your request: In addition to the disclosures described in this Privacy Policy, we may share information about you with third parties where you express consent or request that such sharing occurs.
  • Links to other websites, devices, apps, and features: The Service may provide links to other websites, devices, apps, and other features, which may operate beyond our control, and may have their own terms and conditions or privacy policies, which we strongly recommend you consult. Since we have no ownership or control over these third-party websites, devices, apps, or other linked features, we are not responsible for the content and the use or privacy policies they provide.

Personal Data Storage

Appropriate dispositions have been made to guarantee safe processing and storage of your data:

  • For the minimum timelapse within which your data is used to provide you with a Service;
  • As required by law, contract, or our legal obligations (e.g., tax laws); or

We therefore hold your personal data for as long as required for the purposes for which it was collected and to comply with legal, financial, commercial or report purposes. When we no longer need your personal information, we will safely dispose of it. However, we will retain the data collected, even after any legal liability that may arise has expired.

Personal Data Protection

Your data is very important to us, and we have therefore devised security measures to protect the data we collect through our Services. Data transfer is not completely safe on the Internet. Hence, despite doing our best to protect the data you entrust us with, we cannot guarantee the safety of the data as you are sharing it with us. To the extent permitted by law, we decline any responsibility in cases where your information is disclosed or compromised because of a transmission errors, unauthorized access by third parties, or other causes beyond our control.

You play a major role in protecting your data. We recommend that you do not share your login details, including your username and password, with anyone. If you have reason to believe that the safety of your account has been compromised, please contact us immediately.

Contact Us

If you have any question, concerns or require further information about the Personal Data Processing Policy, you may address them to our department via the ZEBRA COMICS App.

Links to Third-party Websites

Links to other websites of third-party organisations are visible on our website or in the content we provide to you (e.g., promotion emails). Please note that this Privacy Policy does not cover how other companies will manage your personal data. We recommend that you read the Privacy Policies applicable to these other third-party websites.

Privacy Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy may be updated to reflect changes in our personal data management, with respect to the Service or changes in the laws applicable. We will post a notification to inform you of updates in the Privacy Policy, with the date of the latest update featured above the notice.

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