Where To Start If You’re New To African Comics

African comics are a rich and diverse genre that’s gaining popularity worldwide. With so many comic book publishers entering the market, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. To help you navigate the world of African comics, here are some of the best publishers to check out:

Zebra Comics

Zebra Comics, founded by Ejob Nathanael, is a Cameroon-based publisher of African comics known for promoting African culture through storytelling. From action to romance, they offer a diverse range of comics that showcase culturally rich characters and authentic African societies as well as Afrofuturism. You can find their digital comics on their mobile app and website. To get started, we recommend Kawana, Anaki, Mancraft, Damo, Retrograde, and Wrongdial.

YouNeek Studios

YouNeek Studios is a Nigerian comic book publisher founded by Roye Okupe that features culturally rich heroes. Their comics offer a unique take on the genre, making them a great choice for those looking for something different. Explore Malika: The Warrior Queen, E.X.O.: The Legend of Wale Williams, Iyanu: Child of Wonder, and The Oloris: Heroes Will Unite Volume 1.


Comic Republic

Comic Republic, founded by Jide Martin, is a Nigerian publisher that offers a unique blend of African and Western elements in their comics. They are known for their captivating storytelling, high-end comic art, and vibrant colours. Start with Aje, Scion Immortal, Might of Guardian Prime, Ireti Bidemi, Hero Kekere, Eru, Amadioha, and more.


Waanda Stoudio

Waanda Studio, based in Cameroon, showcases stories inspired by African folklore, history, and mythology. Headed by Yannick Deubou Sikoué, with Paterson Sikoué by his side, they offer both digital and print comics for African readers, and readers across the world as well. They also offer a wide range of services that revolve around animation and graphic design. Get started with Android Night, Caty, and Ekiee.



Raptures is a digital storytelling platform and studio network that creates webtoons, comics, and animations centered around African, Black American, and Arab origin stories. With a wide range of content for all ages, you can explore their comics on their online platforms or mobile app.


Spoof Comics

Spoof Comics is a Nigerian publisher founded by Ayodele Elegba that offers high-quality African comics. From relatable characters to culturally rich stories, they offer both entertainment and cultural significance. Start with Boxsa, Vantage, Jinx, and Voyager: Space Adventure.


Kugali Media

Kugali Media is an entertainment company that tells stories inspired by African culture through comics, art, and augmented reality. Kugali Media was founded by Ziki Nelson along with Tolu Olowofoyeku and Macaulay Alvarez. Their stories blend African cultures, resulting in new and exciting genres of African comics. You can read some of their content for free on their website. We recommend Nani, Lake of Tears, and Razorman.

These are just a few of the many African comic book publishers available. Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, myths, and legends, or just looking for something different, there’s an African comic book publisher that’s right for you. Start your journey today and explore the exciting world of African comics.

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