3 Shocking Metrics That Prove Fans Are Thirsty for African Comics (and Throwing Money at Them!)

Move over, Hollywood! Africa’s comic book scene is exploding, and fans are proving their devotion with cold, hard cash. The global comic book landscape has witnessed transformative shifts over the years, with diverse genres and art styles captivating audiences worldwide. While American comics and Manga have dominated the scene for decades, a rising star is making waves—African comics. Forget the naysayers who claim African comics lack a market – these jaw-dropping metrics tell a different story:

1. Crowd-funding

The financial metrics surrounding African comics paint a compelling picture of fan enthusiasm and support. Crowdfunding platforms have become a litmus test for gauging audience interest, and African comics are passing with flying colours.

Printed Copy of Anaki Vol 1 and Anaki Vol 2

Remember YouNeek Studios’  Kickstarter campaign for E.X.O. – Wrath of AVON? This Nigerian sci-fi epic raised over $8,000 with over 198 backers from across the world. And they’re not alone. Zebra Comics, a Cameroonian comic book publisher has had four successful Kickstarter campaigns with their Afrofuturistic title “Anaki”.  Their last hit its target in just 24 hours! These aren’t just passion projects; they’re testaments to fans’ willingness to invest directly in the stories they crave.

2. Online sales

In today’s digital age, accessibility plays a pivotal role in determining a comic’s reach and impact. One of the most telling metrics of African comics’ burgeoning popularity lies in the exponential increase in digital sales and downloads across various platforms. Platforms like Zebra Comics have capitalized on the digital revolution, offering readers a seamless and immersive experience through dedicated apps and websites.

Flier showing how to get VIP ACCESS TO ZEBRA COMICS

Gone are the days of dusty comic shops. African comics generate revenue through different models on online platforms. Some, like Zebra Comics, offer subscription plans through which readers can access a wide catalogue of content. Others use the coin model, sales of soft copies and much more. With user bases extending to thousands and hundreds of thousands, some of these platforms generate money never seen before in the African comic book sector.

This shift to digital shows not only convenience but a growing tech-savvy fanbase eager to consume comics on their smartphones and tablets.

3. A Global Stamp of Approval

The burgeoning interest of foreign partners and investors in African comics serves as a compelling metric that underscores the industry’s global resonance and potential. As African comics gain traction on the international stage, foreign entities, ranging from publishing houses to entertainment conglomerates, are increasingly recognizing the untapped opportunities and unique narratives the continent offers. Disney’s recent anthology series Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire is proof of growing interest in Africa-inspired content.

Kizazi Moto on the Zebra Comics Blog

This heightened interest can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the authenticity and richness of African stories resonate with global audiences, offering a fresh perspective that stands apart from mainstream Western narratives. The cultural nuances, diverse characters, and intricate plotlines showcased in African comics, such as those published by Zebra Comics, captivate readers worldwide, fostering a deeper appreciation for the continent’s rich tapestry of traditions, history, and folklore.

Dark Horse Comics has signed a 10-book deal with Youneek Studios for an animated series with African mythology heroes. It has been announced that Universal Content Production (UCP), an American television production studio within the Universal Studio Group, will develop several television shows based on characters from Comic Republic’s “Vanguards”. These are just a few of the many handshakes happening behind the scenes. And there’s more on the way.

Additionally, strategic partnerships between African comic publishers and foreign entities have facilitated cross-cultural exchanges, fostering collaborative projects that blend the best of both worlds. These alliances empower African creators with resources, expertise, and platforms to amplify their reach, while foreign partners benefit from the unique insights, creativity, and market opportunities the continent offers.

Want to be part of the movement? Here’s how:

  • Dive into the world of online comic platforms that contain and showcase African comics and discover a treasure trove of African stories. Subscribe and enjoy forever!
  • Tell your friends, family, and the world about the incredible comics coming out of Africa. They will thank you for it.

  • If you’re seeking new narratives for animation and film, collaborate with African comic creators, through whom you can obtain unexploited stories.

The future of African comics is bright, and it’s powered by the passion of its fans. So join the movement, grab your phone or e-reader, and get ready to be blown away by the stories Africa has to tell. You can start here.

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  1. I’ve been a comic book fan for a long time. I’ve read almost every DC and Marvel comic for decades and still do. It’ll be nice to read stories from Africa too. Hopefully I’ll find something that hooks me in.

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