How Telecommunication Companies Can Contribute to the Growth of Digital Comics in Africa

Telecommunications and digital comics on the zebra comics blog

In the age of digital media, telecommunication companies have an incredible opportunity to promote and encourage readership of digital comics. As a fan base that is largely tech-savvy and eager for new content, comic book lovers are well positioned to benefit from the advancements in technology made possible by telecoms. In the modern world, digital comics are becoming increasingly popular among comic book fans and lovers. With more people turning to their phones and tablets for entertainment, it makes sense that many publishers have begun to offer digital versions of their beloved titles. But what role do telecommunication companies play in this new era of comics?

Before we get into answering that question, it is important for us to look at why Telecom companies should even care about digital comics in the first place. Comics are great for telling stories and conveying powerful messages in a visual way that can easily draw readers into the narrative, but beyond that, they help develop literacy skills. By having to read words alongside images, comic book readers must use both sides of their brain at once which helps build critical thinking skills and encourages creative problem solving abilities. This type of active learning has been proven beneficial for children and adults alike, who wish to expand their knowledge base or hone existing abilities further.

Added to the above, as the world of comic books continues to evolve, one trend that has been growing in recent years is the interest in digital comics by Gen Z. This new generation of comic book fans are more likely than ever before to explore and purchase their favorite stories online, rather than relying on physical copies. Many publishers have recognized this shift and are now offering digital versions alongside printed editions or even exclusively releasing titles digitally. When one includes the fact that the global digital comics market exhibited a stellar growth of 52.45% in 2020, and that the market is projected to grow from USD 7.36 billion in 2021 to USD 11.12 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 6.1% in the 2021-2028 period, there is every reason for Telcos to keep an eye on this sector that does not only educate, builds creativity and critical thinking skills, but also has the potential to generate huge revenues for every investor.

To promote the digital comics market in Africa therefore, Telecom companies like MTN, Orange and Glo, amongst others, can start by offering discounts on subscriptions or purchases of digital comics through their networks. This could be done either directly through their own services or indirectly via partnerships with existing comic publishers like Zebra Comics PLC. Discounts would not only create more interest in reading comics digitally but also provide a financial incentive for those who may otherwise shy away from such investments due to cost concerns.

Another way telecom providers can promote digital comics is by creating dedicated channels within their platforms devoted exclusively to this genre of entertainment. These channels could include exclusive access to new titles as soon as they become available, bonus content related specifically to each issue released (such as interviews with writers/artists), video reviews and discussions about popular storylines, etc. This can even be done on existing platforms like Ayoba which is owned by MTN. By giving fans unique opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere – especially when time comes for major events such as Comic Cons (like Mboa BD Festival) – telecom providers will further cement themselves at the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing cutting edge entertainment experiences tailored specifically towards comic book aficionados on the African continent.

Finally, many telecommunications companies already offer streaming services where users pay monthly fees instead of subscription packages which allow them access various types of film & television shows without commercial interruptions. Similar models should be applied towards providing customers unlimited access to all kinds of different genres of graphic novels & trade paperbacks too! Doing so would give readers instant gratification while simultaneously increasing visibility of these works amongst wider audiences who may not necessarily seek out this type of material independently on online stores like Amazon Kindle Store, iTunes, App Store, Google Play Books etc.

By taking advantage of modern technological advances made possible by today’s telecommunication industry, telecom companies can help ensure that future generations continue to enjoy timeless tales and artistry that have captivated audiences for generations. Internet penetration and the growth in the consumption of digital comics is rising. A good example of this can already be seen in the deal between T-MOB and Telkom in South Africa. When all of these factors come together, therefore, they inevitably birth a money making and corporate social responsibility trove that no telecommunication company in Africa should ignore.

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