Highest Read Comic on the Zebra Comics App in March 2023: Kawana Takes the Lead

Kawana episode cover on the Zebra Comics blog

Comic book lovers are always on the lookout for the next great read, and for the month of March 2023, Kawana was the most popular comic on the Zebra Comics app. The Zebra Comics app has become a popular digital platform for African comics, providing readers with exciting and captivating stories.

Plot and Setting of Kawana

Kawana tells the story of a young Cameroonian university student who comes from a well-to-do dysfunctional family. Despite having everything she could ever wish for, she lacks the affection every child needs. This pushes her to do ‘bad’ things and hang out with the wrong crowd. Eventually, this lifestyle affects those around her as she continues to make terrible life choices. The story is set in the everyday Cameroonian environment, which adds a fresh feel to the already interesting plot. The comic features several twists and turns as well as very unusual characters. Fans of comics, especially the romance genre, will love this one in particular.

Kawana's popularity on the Zebra Comics App

The Character Kawana on the Zebra Comics blog

Kawana’s popularity on the Zebra Comics app is undeniable. Zebra Comics has made Kawana accessible to its readers, and its popularity is evident from the number of views and likes the comic series had in March 2023. The number of views and likes the comic series received was staggering, with close to 17,000 views and over 1,000 likes. These impressive numbers are a testament to the quality of the storytelling and the appeal of the characters. Another reason why Kawana has become so popular is due to its relatable story that resonates with readers. Many readers see themselves in Kawana and the struggles she faces, making the story more personal to them. Additionally, the comic offers a unique perspective on life in Cameroon, which is not often seen in mainstream media.

Why Kawana is a Must-Read for Comic Book Lovers

There are many reasons why Kawana is a must-read for comic book lovers. First and foremost, the story is engaging and relatable. It tackles issues many young people face, such as the desire for love and acceptance, the struggle to fit in, and the challenges of family relationships. Second, the characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional. Kawana, the main character, is not a perfect heroine. She makes mistakes and bad choices, just like any other person. But it is her flaws that make her relatable and endearing. Third, the setting of the story is fresh and interesting. For readers who are used to reading comics set in Western countries, Kawana provides a refreshing change of pace. African comics are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique storylines and characters. They offer readers a fresh perspective on African culture and society, and many readers are drawn to their relatable and authentic stories.

How to Read Kawana

Digital platforms have made African comics more accessible to a wider audience. Zebra Comics’ digital platforms have been instrumental in promoting African comics to readers across the globe. If you are a comic book lover and want to check out Kawana for yourself, the Zebra Comics app is the perfect place to start. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, and it is free to use. Once you have downloaded the app, you can browse through the various comic series available, including Kawana. Simply click on the series you are interested in, and you will be taken to the first chapter of the comic. From there, you can read through the series at your own pace.


Kawana is a comic series that deserves all the attention it has been getting on the Zebra Comics app. With its engaging plot, relatable characters, and fresh setting, it is a must-read for any comic book lover, especially those who enjoy the romance genre. Kawana is a prime example of the kind of captivating stories that can be found on Zebra Comics’ digital platforms. The comic’s relatable storyline and unique setting have made it a fan favourite, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. If you haven’t checked out Kawana yet, we highly recommend that you do so. You won’t regret it!

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