Retrograde: A New African Dystopia

In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in the production of new comics and webtoons based on African cultures and traditions. Among these burgeoning works, “Retrograde” stands out as a captivating sci-fi and fantasy narrative that offers a unique African perspective on the genre. This gripping tale, along with other notable African comics like “The Artist,” “Anaki,” and “Jemiro,” published by Zebra Comics PLC, has been captivating audiences worldwide. What sets “Retrograde” apart is not only its African roots but also its infusion of survival horror elements, promising an enthralling experience for fans of the genre.


Retrograde action page and New African comics on the zebra comics blog

Retrograde throws humanity into a terrifying unknown. A mysterious event, never fully explained, triggers a global amnesia. All knowledge – scientific, technological, medical, artistic, historical – vanishes from human minds. Society crumbles as people revert to a primal state, descending into savage violence.

Amidst this chaos, a flicker of hope remains. A small group, calling themselves “The Recallers,” retain their memories. Seeking refuge, they establish a colony atop Mount Fako, the highest peak in Western and Central Africa. For generations, the Recallers build a peaceful haven, clinging to the remnants of civilization. However, their idyllic existence is shattered when the wall protecting their colony is breached by the ferocious, amnesiac humans below. The hunters become the hunted, forcing the Recallers into a desperate struggle for survival.


Mount Fako serves as a breathtaking backdrop for the Fako Colony. Imagine a thriving community nestled within the lush slopes of a volcanic mountain. This idyllic setting represents the Recallers’ last bastion of knowledge and hope in a world ravaged by amnesia. But the serenity is shattered when the outside world encroaches.

Beyond the colony walls lies a desolate wasteland. Cities crumble, remnants of a forgotten past. This world, now ruled by feral humans, offers a stark contrast to the Recallers’ haven and serves as a constant reminder of the catastrophe that befell humanity.


Kissa from Retrograde and New African comics on the zebra comics blog

Retrograde boasts a compelling cast of characters:

  • Sagah: The handsome son of the colony’s leader, Sagah carries the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He possesses unwavering confidence yet understands the tremendous burden of ensuring the Recallers’ survival.
  • Jabari: Sagah’s loyal bodyguard, Jabari is fiercely devoted to his master’s safety. He embodies unwavering sacrifice, willing to lay down his life for Sagah and the colony.

  • Kissa: Sagah’s courageous companion and love interest, Kissa stands by him through every ordeal. Her bravery shines through despite the dangers that surround them.

  • Aina: Another of Sagah’s companions and love interest, Aina demonstrates remarkable courage despite her small stature and the constant threat of violence.

  • Monze the Berserker: A former human transformed into a savage after the Retrograde event, Monze presents a unique case. Slowly regaining glimpses of his humanity, Monze becomes both a potential ally and a formidable adversary.


Retrograde delves into powerful themes that resonate with readers:

  • Love: The unwavering love of Sagah’s father for his son and the community reflects the enduring power of human connection.

  • Sacrifice: Characters like Jabari embody the ultimate sacrifice, laying down their lives for the greater good.

  • War: The bloody conflict between the Recallers and the savages highlights the devastating consequences of human savagery..

A Fresh Take on Dystopia

Retrograde cover 1 and New African comics on the zebra comics blog

Retrograde offers a refreshing take on the dystopian genre. Similar to The Walking Dead, the world is thrown into chaos, and humanity must contend with monstrous threats. However, Retrograde’s African setting and exploration of memory loss create a unique and captivating narrative.

Packed with action and suspense, Retrograde is a must-read for fans of sci-fi, horror, and African storytelling. Start your journey into this unforgettable world – free episodes await you on the Zebra Comics app and website!


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