New Comics and Children’s Stories Published on the Zebra Comics Platform in the Last Six Months

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The past six months have been an exciting period for comic enthusiasts on the Zebra Comics platform, with a plethora of new titles spanning diverse genres and captivating narratives. From romantic entanglements and historical conflicts to mystical adventures and socio-political commentaries, these comics and children’s stories showcase the rich tapestry of storytelling that Zebra Comics is renowned for. Well, if you have been hiding under a rock and know nothing about the comics and Children’s stories Zebra Comics published on the Zebra Comics app and website between January and June 2024, here is a closer look at the latest additions to their catalog.

1. Sugar Daddy Desires

Plot Summary: Odugwu, a wealthy and successful man, embarks on a journey to find true love after being stood up by his date. His lavish lifestyle and the perception of him as a “sugar daddy” seem to hinder his chances of finding genuine affection. Odugwu’s extravagant advances towards Juliette, the woman he is interested in, raise questions about the nature of their relationship. Will he win her over and find the ultimate prize of true love?

Highlights: This comic delves into the complexities of modern relationships and the impact of wealth and societal perceptions on personal connections. It’s a heartfelt story that explores the intersection of love, money, and identity.

Plot Summary: In the forest, everyone enjoys the delicious shea butter fruits, except Mr. Tortoise, who longs to taste them. Determined to get his share, Mr. Tortoise embarks on a quest to climb the tallest tree in the forest, facing numerous challenges along the way.

Highlights: This charming tale combines humor and adventure, illustrating the themes of determination and ingenuity. Mr. Tortoise’s clever tactics and the vibrant forest setting make for an engaging read for all ages.

Plot Summary: Set against the backdrop of German colonization, this comic tells the story of two brothers, Ebai and Enow, who find themselves on opposing sides as World War I reaches their land. Ebai harbors deep resentment towards the colonizers, while Enow, influenced by his interactions with the Germans, sympathizes with them. As conflict ensues, the brothers must navigate their loyalty to family and their divergent ideologies.

Highlights: “Brotherhood” is a powerful narrative about family, loyalty, and the complexities of colonial history. It provides a poignant exploration of how external conflicts can fracture personal bonds.

Plot Summary: God descends to Earth with a mission to liberate the people of Africa by spreading a new message of hope. Awasom, a journalist with a questionable past, sets out to expose God as a false prophet. As their paths cross, the story unfolds into a dramatic confrontation between faith and skepticism.

Highlights: This comic tackles deep philosophical questions about faith, truth, and redemption. The clash between divine intervention and human doubt makes for a compelling and thought-provoking story.

Plot Summary: After a tiring day at school, Evina discovers that all the chicken in the pot has been stolen. His mother attributes the theft to supernatural causes, but as the mysterious occurrences continue, they set out to uncover the truth. What they find is more alarming than they could have imagined.

Highlights: “Silent Theft” blends mystery and cultural folklore, creating a suspenseful narrative that keeps readers on edge. The story is rich with cultural references and family dynamics.

Plot Summary: In the year 2210, Cameroon is controlled by the Cancel system, a technology that regulates the minds of its citizens. Bebey, a 17-year-old girl immune to the system, lives in secrecy due to a rare disease. When a billionaire’s blood transfusion compromises her immunity, she becomes a target for the system, rebellious factions, and hidden memories.

Highlights: “Cancelled” is a dystopian thriller that explores themes of freedom, identity, and resistance. Its futuristic setting and high-stakes narrative make it an exhilarating read.

Plot Summary: While strolling in Kuvuku Forest, Kinke rescues a tiger trapped in a hole. Instead of gratitude, the tiger threatens to eat him. Just when Kinke thinks all hope is lost, a stranger intervenes in an unexpected way.

Highlights: “Kinke and the Tiger” is an adventurous children’s story that showcases bravery and the unexpected rewards of kindness. Its surprising twists make it a captivating read.

Plot Summary: Driven by jealousy, the cock devises a scheme that ultimately leads to him acquiring his distinctive comb.

Highlights: This children’s story offers a whimsical take on the origins of the cock’s comb, blending folklore with a humorous narrative.

Plot Summary: Nda’a, a woodpecker with a melodic voice, is disliked for his laziness. His peculiar behavior eventually lands him in an unexpected place.

Highlights: “Nda’a the Woodpecker” is a delightful story about overcoming perceptions and finding one’s place. Its unique protagonist and engaging plot make it a standout.

Plot Summary: Left unattended, Poupou embarks on a solo adventure through Cameroon’s vibrant capital city, encountering both dangers and wonders along the way.

Highlights: This  children’s story is a colorful and adventurous journey that captures the essence of curiosity and exploration.

Plot Summary: To gain acceptance into the League of Cats, Minuu must outsmart five terrorizing dogs.

Highlights: This children’s story is a clever and strategic tale that highlights bravery and intelligence.

Plot Summary: When Tankah, the mighty elephant, questions Kepnee’s intelligence, Kepnee devises a plan to prove his worth.

Highlights: “Kepnee and Tankah” is a story of wit and respect, showcasing how intelligence and strategy can triumph over brute strength.

Plot Summary: During a famine, Kepnee tricks a crocodile into surrendering her eggs.

Highlights: This children’s story is a testament to clever problem-solving in dire situations, wrapped in an engaging narrative.

Plot Summary: In the wake of a deadly famine, Kepnee outsmarts Nwe’e the Leopard to feed his family.

Highlights: This story underscores the themes of survival and intelligence in the face of adversity.


The new comics and children’s stories published on the Zebra Comics platform over the past six months offer a rich and diverse array of stories. From personal dramas and historical conflicts to mystical adventures and tales of cleverness, there is something for every reader. These narratives not only entertain but also provide deeper insights into cultural, social, and personal themes, making Zebra Comics a dynamic and enriching platform for comic enthusiasts.

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