New Comics on the Zebra Comics App and Website in July 2023

Consistency has been a strong feature on the Zebra Comics app and website since they were launched in September 2022. Every month since its launch, new content has been uploaded on the platform for the entertainment pleasure of readers on a regular basis. As of today, there are more than two hundred episodes of several comics/ webtoon IPs available for comics fans to read. Boredom therefore goes to the grave with Zebra Comics.

This consistent creation and publishing of content has enabled Zebra Comics PLC to be able to track user activity on a daily basis and through this, has identified the demands of users. Thanks to this meticulous follow up, Zebra Comics PLC has therefore made use of this data to create even more comics that comic book fans will undoubtedly love. New genres, new characters, new settings and new stories will therefore be launched this month on the Zebra Comics app and website this month. This way of doing things will continue as the company’s number of readers continues to grow, and the company will continue to ensure that users’ demands are taken into consideration by providing them with high quality and fresh content.

Before we get into the comics that are coming to the platform this month, it is worthy of note that Zebra Comics PLC exists to entertain and educate comics lovers in Africa and across the world, with high quality African comics. So, expect regular new releases on the platform every month.

Ok, that said, let’s look at the new comics coming to the Zebra Comics app and website this month.

1. A Reverie with Nana

Cover Image of A "Riverie With Nana" African comic of Zebra Comics

Bella’s world is turned upside down when tragedy strikes, leaving her immersed in grief and struggling to find her way. But little does she know, her ancestors have devised a plan to restore happiness in her life. They send her beloved grandmother, Nana, to guide her through the depths of sorrow and the challenges she faces along the way.

A Reverie With Nana” delves into the profound philosophies of life, weaving a beautiful narrative that tackles the questions we all encounter on our journey. Through the experiences shared between Bella and Nana, you’ll discover the true meaning of love, friendship, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness. Our digital comic/webtoon series serves as a beacon of hope, offering insights and answers to the everyday struggles we encounter. Whether you’re seeking comfort, inspiration, or simply an escape into a world of enchantment, “A Reverie With Nana” has something special to offer.

This title was created and written by Ejob Gaius, illustrated by Julio Lengtet, coloured by Achidi Ajaga and lettered by Azushi. It is available for FREE on the Zebra Comics App and Website.

2. No Man's Land

Cover image of "No Man's Land" African comic of Zebra Comics

In one of their regular celestial meetings, God and Satan gather to catch up on the recent “human events”. They both agree that mankind has gone crazy. At this point, the mischievous serpent of old presents a mischievous proposition. He suggests an experiment that God, in a moment of divine humour, agrees to carry out: “What if all the women in the world suddenly disappeared?”

No Man’s Land” is a comedic satire that will leave you in stitches while also making you ponder the complexities of gender dynamics in society. This story dares to ask the all-important question: Can men survive without women? Through its clever storytelling and witty dialogue, this story tackles gender stereotypes, societal norms, and the battle for understanding equality between men and women.

Created and Written by Ejob Gaius , illustrated by Yvan Ziem , coloured by Cœurtys MINKO, and lettered by Azushi, this story is available on the Zebra Comics App and Website.

3. The Artist

Cover image of "The Artist" African comic of Zebra Comics

In a futuristic African society where magical elements coexist with technological advancements, artists have great power and influence, serving as a link between people and gods and driving society forward. Talhah, our protagonist, is a gifted young artist who hails from a long family of artists. Talhah’s story unfolds as he learns about his forefathers, a group of artists who brought the Elder God’s wrath to their ancestral home, Koldari. After a horrible tragedy paralyses him from the waist down, his father performs a procedure that allows him to walk again. Yet, due to restrictions, Talhah must pretend to be crippled in order to preserve his father’s secret. But when a school trip goes totally awry, Talhah returns unwillingly to his ancestral home, where more dangerous secrets and myths are uncovered.

With stunning artwork, unique characters, and a highly detailed environment, this comic promises to be an engrossing and action-packed experience for readers. THE ARTIST was written and illustrated by the Ejob brothers, coloured by Cœurtys MINKO, and lettered by Azushi. You can read it now on the Zebra Comics App and website.

4. Love at First Fight

Cover image of "Love At First Fight" African comic of Zebra Comics

Shola and Bebu have been in a serious relationship for over a year, but it turns out that Bebu has been living a double life. One that places Shola in the middle of a twisted love triangle which involves her friends. She struggles to get out of this entanglement, but her feelings for Bebu remain strong.

LOVE AT FIRST fight is a steamy romance story that will keep you excited, sad, angry and happy at the same time.

This romance comic was written and illustrated by E.N. Ejob, coloured by Cœurtys MINKO, and lettered by Azushi. It is available on the Zebra Comics app and website.

The month of July will be an interesting one for fans of African comics and Zebra Comics, as the titles mentioned above will be released this month. Also, added to the above, new episodes of older titles will continue to be released, leaving you with much more content to consume this holiday.

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