Working as a UX Designer in an African Comics Company: An Interview with Ejob Benjamin

Benjamin, Product designer, UI/UX Designer on the Zebra Comics blog

The Zebra Comics app and website have been out in the wild for almost one year now and there has been huge interest around these platforms. As a new digital comics/ webtoon platform in a sea of comics platforms, our app and website stand out because they offer authentique stories based on untold African cultures and traditions. Telling authentic African stories to national and international audiences which changes the worldview of Africa has always been Zebra Comics PLC’s main mission. The real challenge has been to reach these audiences across the world with these stories, even though resources have always been very limited. To solve this problem, digital distribution was identified as a viable solution. This then led to the creation of a mobile application and website through which comics fans can access and read their best African comics wherever they are.

Out of the box, this sounds like a beautiful idea, but implementing it has not been a bed of roses. Creating the right quantity and quality of content has always been an issue, but creating the technology to adequately distribute this content has been a real headache too. The comics content may be excellent, but if the technology which enables users to access these comics does not work well, then the whole experience will be a negative one.

To ensure that the Zebra Comics app and website look, feel and work magnificently, the right people and processes needed to be implemented for great results. With hundreds of thousands of users already, one can say that the apps and website were well designed to meet consumer needs.

So, how was the technology side of things managed to give us what we have today? Well, let’s hear from Ejob Benjamin who is a UX Designer and Technology Officer at Zebra Comics PLC. He worked very closely on the Zebra Comics app and website and this is what he has to say.

Zebra Comics Blog: Who is Ejob Benjamin?

Ejob Benjamin: In simple terms, I’m a techie. But to be elaborate, I work as a technology officer at Zebra Comics PLC and I love everything tech.

Zebra Comics Blog: What does the job of a UX Designer look like on a daily basis?

Ejob Benjamin: Well, my daily tasks are varied. Amongst them are conducting user research, creating wireframes and prototypes, collaboration with engineers, iterating designs based on feedback, and ensuring the overall user experience meets business goals. In simple English, I create all the designs for the Zebra Comics app and website, work closely with developers to ensure that they bring my vision to life in the most accurate manner, gather feedback from users of these platforms and ensure that the development team implements them for superior customer satisfaction.

ux design on the zebra comics blog

Zebra Comics Blog: What do you do concretely at Zebra Comics PLC?

Ejob Benjamin: As a product designer I strike the balance between user satisfaction and business goals by combining concept, aesthetics, functionality and feasibility, to ensure that the Zebra Comics products meet both the user needs and market demands. So, every time you open the Zebra Comics app or visit our website and you end up enjoying how a feature looks and feels on it, know that you are enjoying my work.

Zebra Comics Blog: How much work has been invested in building the Zebra Comics digital platforms so far?

Ejob Benjamin: When we look at the zebra platforms, from design, to functionality, to content, it’s only obvious that ‘so much’ in terms of time and manpower, to say the least, had to come together from a range of fields to make it happen. So, an unquantifiable amount has been put in to create the app and website you find today.

Zebra Comics Blog: How will you say the Zebra Comics app is different from other comics apps in terms of UX design?

Ejob Benjamin: Keyword – simplicity. We focused on making it easy for users to understand and navigate through the app. And designed a clean and somewhat minimalistic app that would combine the bright colors of the Zebra Comics African Art style to give an enjoyable user experience for users.


Zebra Comics Blog: Without spoiling anything, what should Zebra Comics fans expect to see on the app in terms of UX design in the coming months?

Ejob Benjamin: We pay close attention to user feedback and reiterate on concepts and functionality so as to reduce user pain points such as loading times. So the fans should expect their experience in the Zebra app to be smoother and better.

Zebra Comics Blog: Any advice for young people who want to venture into the field of UX Design?

Ejob Benjamin: UX design is continually evolving and is a multidisciplinary field. Network and connect with other designers, stay updated with trends, practice, practice and practice.

So, be rest assured that the Zebra Comics app and website was built with so much consideration for user satisfaction in mind. If you have not yet downloaded the app or visited the website, you can do so by clicking HERE.


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