Are Comics For Kids Only?

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It may seem understandable that stories that are told with the use of images are stories meant for people with a lesser mental capacity who cannot cope with other forms of literature like novels or poetry. It is even more so because the word comics comes from the word “Funny” which points at the lighthearted and playful nature of the stories told in comic books. Comic books have long been associated with children, but with the developments witnessed in the creation of comics, embracing both lighthearted and dark themes, the truth is that comics can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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In the early years of comic book publishing, comics were usually used for comic relief and so attracted children more. If we add other formats which are close to comics like illustrated books for kids (Cinderella, Pinocchio, The Lion King, Aladdin etc), we quickly understand why comics have been often mistaken to be a medium reserved for a particular category of people. While there are certainly some comic book titles meant specifically for kids, there’s a wide variety of adult-themed stories and artwork available in the medium as well. Whether you’re looking to explore an exciting new genre or simply want to revisit your childhood favorites, here’s why comic books are not just for kids anymore.

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For starters, many adults may find themselves drawn to more mature storylines than what they read as children—and thankfully comics offer plenty of those options too! From gripping thrillers like The Walking Dead and Preacher, to darkly humorous takes on superheroes like Batman: Year One, there’s something out there sure to pique any reader’s interest regardless of age. And don’t forget about classic titles such as Watchmen or Sandman —stories that have stood the test of time due to their incredible depth and complexity which only adults can truly appreciate fully. There are also many graphic novels available that explore topics from history (Maus) to classic literature (The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Novel). These types of stories allow adult audiences access into worlds previously unexplored by traditional mediums like film/TV due mainly to their unique visual storytelling capabilities. This also allows creators much more freedom in terms of formatting & structure when compared against other mediums — allowing them greater control over how they want their story told while keeping it engaging at the same time! These and more are clear evidence that comics have evolved greatly to incorporate adult stories and are not just for children.

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Of course it goes without saying that certain adult-oriented content isn’t suitable at all times (or even appropriate) for younger readers. However this doesn’t mean older fans should shy away from exploring these darker themes either. In fact many publishers actually designate different age ratings on their products so parents know exactly what kind material is being consumed by whom – allowing everyone involved to make informed decisions when choosing which titles best suit their individual needs .

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Fortunately though, there’s no shortage of kid friendly options available ranging from classic superhero adventures like Marvel’s Spiderman or DC’s Superman series through more modern offerings such as IDW Publishing’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic lineup. All-ages titles like Archie Comics and Disney Comics provide fun stories with lighthearted characters who can easily connect with their audience. These books are perfect introductions into the world of comic books as they’re easy enough for kids to understand but still contain plenty of exciting action and adventure! So, no matter what kind of story your little ones enjoy most, you’ll be sure to find something perfect  for them. You can also check out good recommendations among our vast selection HERE!

At its core though, reading comics remains one of the most enjoyable pastimes no matter how old you happen to be! With a range of genres encompassing everything from sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance, drama, crime, political satire, historical fiction and much more, finding a perfect title couldn’t be easier today! Plus, thanks to the recent surge in popularity of print and digital formats alike, no matter your age group – whether you’re an 8 year old just starting out on his journey through comicdom or an experienced reader wanting something new – there is always something out there for everyone when it comes down to offering up quality content within this beloved medium we call ‘comicbooks’!.

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