Where To Start If You Are New To Comics

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So, you are new to comics and you are looking for where to start. Well, you have probably heard a ton about comic books, seen them displayed in bookstores and even watched one or two superhero characters on screen, but have never really cared to find out what is in those books with illustrations and speech bubbles. Well, if you are interested now, let’s start by saying, congratulations. You are definitely making the right decision to get into this world that has so much to offer. However, for any newbie to the world of comics, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. In print and online there are an uncountable number of comics to choose from, making it a herculean task to figure out a starting point. Luckily, there are a variety of options for anyone who is just getting into reading comics and you can always go by whatever route you want. But first, it is important to clearly define what comics or comic books are so that newbies like you can easily understand what we are talking about.

What are Comics?


Comics are visual stories told through text and images that have been around since the 19th century and were popularized in newspapers during the 1930s–1950s period known as “The Golden Age of Comics”. Today they come in all shapes and sizes from monthly ongoing series published by major publishers like Marvel Comics or DC Comics; manga (Japanese style) or Franco Belge BD (Belgian/French); digital formats such as webtoons; independent titles created by small presses or self-published creators; even anthologies put together with contributions from various authors around the world! There really is something out there for everyone, no matter what genre interests them—fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror—the list goes on! 


The variety and propositions are vast. For you newbies, this can be really fun, to dive into a world that is so rich and diverse as this. However, the question still remains; where do you begin as a novice?

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Marvel Comics and DC Comics


Well, any regular consumer of comics will have a few names to mention when it comes to picking which comics to start reading. The major publishers, in this light, will be companies such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics who offer an extensive library full of characters with decades worth of content ranging from classic tales featuring iconic heroes like Spiderman & Batman all the way up to modern day stories exploring new ideas within these universes . These companies also provide readers access points through events in which they bring multiple storylines together under one umbrella allowing newcomers an easy path towards understanding complicated plotlines while still being able to enjoy individual arcs without feeling overwhelmed.

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Manga and Franco Belge BD

Besides the big two, we have Manga and Franco Belge BD. Manga, which originates from Japan, has become increasingly popular worldwide due to its unique art style and storytelling methods, which often focus on character development rather than just action sequences, making them great starting points for those looking for something different than traditional superhero fare. Great manga you can start reading today include the Dragon Ball series, the Naruto series, the One Piece series, and the Attack on Titan series. Additionally, Franco Belge BD offers readers another avenue towards discovering European-influenced works featuring captivating artwork along with intricate plots dealing with social issues relevant to today’s societies. Notable examples of Franco- Belgian comics include The Adventures of Tin Tin, Asterix and Obelix and Lucky Luke, amongst a ton of others.

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Webcomics and Webtoons


Digital platforms have opened up opportunities and they aren’t only providing easier access but also creating entirely new subgenres within comics such as Webtoon, which focuses primarily on vertical scrolling panels, allowing storytellers more freedom when constructing their narratives compared to conventional page layouts found in print editions. Not only do these platforms make it easier for comic book lovers to find the comics they want to read at any time on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs, they also provide a deeply dense catalogue of comics that are updated on a regular basis. Platforms like Marvel Unlimited with the infinity comics model provides newbies with a huge catalogue of Marvel comics at very affordable costs. Same goes for platforms like Webtoon, Comixology, BiliBili Comics, Tappytoon and a host of many others. These platforms provide a blinding well of diversity to fans and newcomers alike and expose them to the most popular digital comics format: webtoon.

African Comics: The New Frontier

The comic book market has grown tremendously over the years. From the above, it is clear that there has been a lot going on in this sector. This, however, has not stopped the sector from growing continuously. One destination where newbies can find exciting comics is Africa. For a long time, Africa had been lagging behind in the production and commercialization of comics. Even though companies like Marvel Comics published stories based on African cultures like Black Panther, it was only in the late 2000s that comics really took root in Africa. Today there are quite a good number of creators and publishers who are putting out unique comics based on African cultures, traditions, and contemporary realities. These comics deviate in deep ways from the conventional tropes one will find in western comics, thereby bringing something new to the market. Notable publishers are Zebra Comics PLC, Comic Republic, Etan Comics, Editions Akoma Mba and Harmattan BD. These houses host creators like EN Ejob, Roye Okupe, Loyiso Mkize, Ejob Gaius, Jide Martin, Ayodele Elegba, Franklin Agogho, Georges Pondy, Elyon’s, Njoka Suyru, Reine Dibussi and many others who have put out great African comics and webtoons like Anaki, Iyanu: child of wonder, Kwezi, Mancraft, Eru, Boxsa, Totem, CATY, La Vie D’Ebene Duta, Khadija and Mulatako. These comics are available in print and digital formats.

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From the above, it is clear that there is a wide variety of comics on the market for everyone. For newbies, looking for a starting point will just depend on tastes, purchasing power and accessibility. In fact you can start anywhere because there is just an unending well of comics, manga and webtoon available to anybody who is starting out.

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